Non GMO Full Fat Soya Flour



It is Widely used in water Biscuits, Cakes, Pastries, Mixed Grain Breads, Baby Foods, Dietetic Foods, Soups, Sauces, Chocolate, Confectionery, Spreads and Savories, Soup thickener.

In Wafer Biscuits it reduces Breakage and in Cakes / Pastries / Cookies Ensures easy Mould Release.

In Grain Breads it Improves Moisture Retention. Mixing of Ingredients & Oxidative Stability, Retains Freshness Longer. Baby & Dietetic Foods: Improves Water absorption, reduces Cost of Formulation by reducing milk, egg & fat components, Enriches nutrients like vitamin E, Choline etc.

Soup/Sauces: Improves Moisture Absorption, Yield, Oxidative Stability, Reduces Cost, Extends Shelf life, Binds Water and Fat.

In Chocolate & Confectionery it saves Cocoa Butter up to 1.5% & Milk Powder up to 3% Lowers the Viscosity of Premix.

Spreads: Softens the taste, Reduces milk powder in formula. In Savory it Increases Crispness, Increase Shelf life and Reduces Oil Consumption.


Non GMO Full Fat Soya Flour

Specification Data Sheet




  • COLOUR : Light Yellow to Golden Yellow.
  • TASTE                      : Bland and free of beany and burned taste
  • ODOUR                    : Fresh, Typical of the product
  • TEXTURE               : Homogenous, free from extraneous matter, artifical Colouring and flavouring hazards
  • BULK DENSITY             : 0.55 – 0.65 gm/cc
  • SCREEN ANALYSIS             : 90% passing through 6 Mesh


  • MOISTURE                     : 10.00% Max
  • FAT             : 18% Max
  • PROTEIN (N X 6.5)                         : 38.00% Max
  • ASH                      : 6% Max
  • SAND & SILICA             : 0.30% MAX
  • FIBER                   : 5.00% Max
  • PDI             : 1.50-20%
  • METABOLIC ENERGY VALUE          : 450 K.Cal / 100 gm


  • TOTAL BACTERIAL COUNT  : 50000 / gm MAX.
  • COLIFORMS CFU / GM                        : (Max) 10 / gm
  • SALMONELLAE                      : NIL


  • UREASE ACTIVITY  : (Max) 0.3 mg / N2 / gm / min at 30°C 0.3 difference in PH Scale
  • TRIPSIN INHIBITOR  : (Max) 40 TIU / mg



  • HEAVY METALS   : (Max) 20 ppm
  • ALFOTOXIN  : (Max) 10 Micro mg / kg

Tosated Full Fat Soya Flour is used in production of products such as Soya milk, bakery applications and Texturised Soya Protein concentrates. Easiest way to use Soyabean in Human consumption is in the form of full fat Soya flour in combination with cereals and pulses to make low cost Gruels. Full Fat Soya Flour is also used as ruminant feed for Cattle Feed, used as non-ruminant feed for Pigs, in manufacture of weaning food and pet animals food.


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