Soya Lecithin Industrial Grade


It is used as Natural Emulsifier, Wetting agent, Stabilizing agent, Viscosity Reducing agent, Anti-spattering agent, Mixing & Blending agent, Release agent, Conditioning, Lipotropic, Surface Active Agent in Printing Ink, Audio Video Tapes, Paper Industries, Plastics Industries, Motor Lubricants, Gasoline, Textile, Rubber Industry, Leather Tanning, OffShore Drilling Industries and in Emulsion Explosives


Soya Lecithin Industrial Grade

Specification Data Sheet


  • PRODUCT NAME                  : Soya Lecithin Industrial Grade (Liquid)
  • SYNONYMS                     : Phosphatidylcholine
  • ORIGIN                       : Non GMO Soya Bean
  • CAS NUMBER                    : 8002-43-5
  • IUPAC NAME                    : (2R)-2,3-di(tetradecanoyloxy)propyl] 2-(trimethylazaniumyl)ethyl phosphate
  • MOLECULAR FORMULA             : C36H72NO8P
  • MOLECULAR WEIGHT              : 677.932541 [g/mol]
  • TRAIFF NUMBER                 : 292320




  • APPEARANCE                    : Semi Liquid
  • COLOUR                        : 20 Max on Gardner scale
  • MOISTURE                      : Max. 1.5%
  • ACID VALUE                    : Max. 45 KOH/g Max
  • PEROXIDE VALUE               : Max. 5.0 m.eq
  • HEXANE INSOLUBLE              : Max. 1.5 % C
  • ACETONE INSOLUBLES           : Min. 55-60%

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