Organic Soyabean Seed Food Grade


Organic Soyabean Seeds Food Grade are grown by our group of farmers who are also Organic Certified and then further processed with laid down procedures are per organic standard.

Soyabeans are used to make Ebildle Oil, Flour, Milk, Tofu and Tofu-like products. They may be roasted and eaten as a snack, or fermented to make tempeh, miso, yuba and soy sauce


Organic Non GMO SoyaBean Food Grade

Specification Data Sheet


  • PRODUCT NAME  : Organic Non GMO Soyabean Seed Food Grade
  • ORIGIN : Non GMO Soya Bean
  • CAS NUMBER  : 9035-81-8




  • Protein     : Min 38%
  • Fat  : Min 18%
  • Moisture       : Max 10%
  • Purity  : Min 99%
  • Foreign Matter : Max 1%
  • Splits : Max 2%
  • Soy Bean SIZE   : Min 90% is 4 mm & above size




  • Total Plate Count     : NMT 50,000/gram
  • Coli form   : NMT 25/gram
  • Yeast and Molds   : NMT 100/gram
  • Salmonella  : Negative in 100-gram sample
  • E.Coli : Negative in 100-gram sample
  • LABELING : Organic Soy Bean




50 kg. Weight P.P Bag

Single Jumbo Container Liner P.P. Bag

MSDS Availabe on Request
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