Organic Soyabean Meal


Organic Soyabean Meal is produced from Organic Soyabean Seed by extruding dry seeds at increased temperature.

It is mainly used in Food and Feed Industry. In Food Industry it is used to manufacture Soya Flour, TVP etc and in Feed Industry it is used in Cattle, Shrimp, Fish, Pig Feed.



Specification Data Sheet


  • Nature of Test                   Range
  • MOISTURE                     : 6% Max
  • Oil Content                         : 6% Min
  • Sand & Silica                      : 0.70% Max
  • Protein                   : 45-46% Max
  • Urease Activity            : 0.1% Max
  • Fiber Test             : 4% Max
  • KOH Solubility          : 78% MIN
  • Trypsin Inhibitor            : 15000 Max.
  • Pesticides           : Not Detected

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